Since 1997

MEYTEC offers innovative telemedicine systems, care concepts and future-oriented solutions.
Competence in Telemedicine and Medical Technology - for 20 years MEYTEC has demonstrated solid competences in telemedicine and networked medical technology. This existing expertise in these fields is being extended continuously.

Intensified sales activities have uncovered a high demand worldwide for reliable and sophisticated technologies with a "Made in Germany" label. A proven technological background and experience has allowed MEYTEC to develop competitive supply concepts internationally. MEYTEC is convinced that this unique ability to provide practicable integrated solutions is the way forward.

Made in Germany

The family enterprise of MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme was founded by the engineer Gerhard W. Meyer in 1997. The company started assembling electronic communication systems based on telephony and has expanded successfully through the development of internet technologies, PC-based information systems and video surveillance. MEYTEC is part of the MEYTEC group, an IT system integrator, operating throughout Europe.

From its headquarters in Seefeld/Brandenburg, located few kilometres from the German capital Berlin, MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme source components from all over the world to use in their sophisticated product range.

In the last ten years MEYTEC has developed pioneering telemedical solutions using the digital transmission of medical data including images. Offering secure, real-time, face-to-face contact between medical experts and patients via audiovisual communication, it is possible to diagnose the patient quickly and accurately from a remote location.

Investment in research & development, coupled with an on-going dialogue with leading medical experts in their field, enable MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme to design and assemble the necessary infrastructure using the most advanced technologies for the transmission of medical data in hospitals and care units. This business model is best demonstrated by TEMPiS,a ground breaking exemplary project located in Bavaria, connecting rural hospitals with two specialised centres for advanced stroke intervention

Customer service

meytec service

MEYTEC is committed to providing excellent customer service. The main focus here is to meet the range of individual customer requirements.

Telemedicine and Medical Technology

Realization of bespoke solutions and large scaled customer support is essential part of MEYTEC's efforts.

"Reliability" is also an important part of our policy. Cooperation and strategic partnerships with leading national and international suppliers has enabled MEYTEC to provide bespoke comprehensive solutions with high competence and flexibility.

Our services:

Free initial consultation and creative solution concepts
Careful professional support to assess needs
Complete and prompt implementation from a single sorce: from design via networking up to installation and operational handover
Nationwide onsite-service: training, maintenance and repair work

Awards and prizes


Health Excellence: "getIT HealthTourism"

In April 2017 the competition winners were honored at conhIT by the state secretary Rickerts. MEYTEC reached the second place with the idea of overseas telemedicine representative medical offices of the region Berlin-Brandenburg (TELECLINIC).

The competition named "getIT HealthTourism" started in 2016 within the action "Health Excellence" initiated by organizations Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie and Visit Berlin. The content of it was new innovative concepts for the deployment in the medical tourism industry of the region Berlin-Brandenburg. MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme was honored to receive second place for the conception of the telemedicine representative medical offices of the Berlin-Brandenburg region abroad. The managing director of MEYTEC Gerhard W. Meyer in the presence of Viacheslav Galchenko (Scientific Staff ) and Dr. Stefan Dornheim (Managing Director epos pro GmbH) received the symbolic cheque for the amount of 5,000 Euro from Christian Rickerts, state secretary of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Services.
source:"getIT HealthTourism" award ceremony, photo left: Berlin Partner/ J. Dobrindt

Zukunftspreis Brandenburg Award

MEYTEC received prize for the Zukunftspreis Brandenburg for the engagement, technology development and success in telemedicine.

The Zukunftspreis Brandenburg award has been organized by the economic chambers of Brandenburg since 2014. in 2005 the company MEYTEC received the Zukunftspreis award for the implementation of the telemedicine project TEMPiS in the region South-East Bavaria.
Statement of the jury: "We would like to award the technology made in the East-Brandenburg, which became a blockbuster in Bavaria. In times, when health care costs were rising, MEYTEC GmbH improved the quality of the stroke diagnosis in the hospitals where there was no neurological expertise. Technologies provided by MEYTEC provide a network between the hospitals. The result speaks for itself: less patient mortality, less patients needing extensive rehabilitation or suff ering long-term disabilities. A considerable part of the follow-up expenditures for hospitalization and after care can be saved. The successful engagement of the company in Bavaria demonstrates their flexibility, innovation and courage. The system integrator has implemented the telemedicine project targeted at the development of the integrated stroke care in the South-East Bavaria. […] The project should become a part of the standard care as from 1st January 2006 - perhaps also outside of the Bavaria region soon? We would wish it for all of the patients, contributors of the health insurances and of course to MEYTEC".
source:, translated from German: MEYTEC, Zukunftspreis prize winners 2005, photo right